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Prior to making the appointment we may require that you discuss your situation and questions with Dr. Maggiano.  After calling one of the numbers to the right, please state your name and return phone number clearly twice.

Dr. Maggiano may ask you to bring information with you.  A timeline of your vision and eye history is usually appropriate, if kept abbreviated.  This may include salient non-ocular medical history such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart surgery, head trauma, etc.

Necessity for medical record copies, testing, scans may be determined prior to your visit.

Insurance and Medicare payment is usually accepted for all medical tests and questions.  However, some insurance carriers will not pay for testing they consider “experimental”.  If this might be the case, you will be asked for a deposit prior to your consultation, which will be refunded if insurance payment is received.

You may have an attorney on board prior to your visit, or we will help you find a qualified attorney in your area.  Medical legal work as requested by you or your attorney is generally not paid for by medical insurance.

Thank you! - Dr. John Maggiano




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